About us

The aim of the NCDP is to serve and work with Deaf People and the Deaf Community and to provide liturgical services and pastoral support across the 32 counties of Ireland.

The NCDP believe that Deaf People like all people are called to know the Good News of Jesus Christ and to share fully and actively in the life of the Church. To support this belief and recognizing the distinctive needs of Deaf People, the Chaplaincy works with the Deaf Community to achieve its aims in the following ways:

  • Through Religious Celebrations
  • Through facilitating the gathering together of Deaf People to express, foster and share their faith in Jesus Christ
  • By participating in school and adult faith development
  • By responding to the pastoral and social needs of the Deaf Community
  • By raising awareness of Deaf People’s presence in the Church and the gifts and charisms they have to offer
  • By calling on Deaf People to exercise ministry and leadership in the Church

Interpreting Services

We provide interpreting services at diocesan and national religious ceremonies and are available to interpret at religious events such as Baptism, Weddings, First Communion, Confirmation and Funerals.

At present we have four full-time Chaplains on the Team.

Fr. Paddy Boyle and Ms. Frankie Berry who are based in Dublin. Both of these chaplains care for the needs of the Leinster and Connaught regions.

John Patrick Doherty is our southern chaplain and looks after the needs of our Deaf community in Munster.

Ms Denise Flack is based in Belfast and coordinates the service in Northern Ireland.

There may be times due to a lack of personnel that the chaplaincy team cannot provide an interpreting service for a religious ceremony but while the chaplaincy service does not have the funds to pay for a professional interpreter it can put the family or individual in touch with such services.