Frankie Berry

Frankie Berry is a member of the team of the National Chaplaincy for Deaf People in Ireland. She is married and lives in Dublin. She holds an MA in School Chaplaincy & Pastoral Care from Mater Dei Institute, Dublin City University. She has presented a number of papers at international gatherings for Deaf People, most recently in Rome in 2010. Frankie is on various committees e.g. St Joseph’s school for Deaf Boys Board of Management, Mental Health Forum whose aim is to promote a greater understanding of Mental Health and Deafness here in Ireland.

She works as a Chaplain / Community Advocate worker with Deaf People and in the Deaf Schools. She is vastly experienced working with Deaf individuals / groups within the Community. In her pastoral capacity, she accompanies elderly Deaf on hospital visitations and home visitations on a weekly basis.

She also does Church Interpreting and provides Church Interpreting workshops.