Church Interpreting

We provide interpreting services at diocesan and national religious ceremonies and are available to interpret at religious events such as Baptism, Weddings, First Communion, Confirmation and Funerals. At present we have four full-time Chaplains on the Team. Fr. Gerard Tyrrell is the director of the NCDP and is based in Dublin. Ms. Frankie Berry is also based in Dublin. Both of these care for the needs of the Leinster region. Frankie Berry also provides a service to the Connaught region. Ms. Veronica White is based in Kerry and coordinates the chaplaincy serve in the Munster region. Ms Denise Flack is based in Belfast and coordinates the serve in Northern Ireland.

There may be times due to a lack of personnel that the chaplaincy team cannot provide an interpreting service for a religious ceremony but while the chaplaincy service does not have the funds to pay for a professional interpreter it can put the family or individual in touch with such services.