Working with Interpreters at Mass and the Celebrations of Sacraments

  1. Be comfortable with the interpreter; the interpreter’s job is to facilitate communication. Everything that is interpreted will remain confidential for the interpreter; it is a violation of interpreting ethics to reveal anything communicated while interpreting to an outside party.
  2. Speak naturally, clearly and at a normal pace; the interpreter will inform the speaker if he or she needs to adjust the pace of speaking.
  3. Allow extra time for responses and discussion; the interpreter will be a little behind the conversation.
  4. Face the Deaf person(s) while speaking; this will feel awkward at first, since the Deaf person(s) will be watching the interpreter and may not always be in direct eye contact with the speaker.
  5. When working with an interpreter always speak directly to the Deaf person. Avoid phrases such as “Tell him…” or “Ask her … “; speak as if the interpreter were not there.
  6. Avoid asking the interpreter for an opinion or to explain something.