Baptism into the Catholic Christian community enhances the faith of the parents, godparents, family and the parish community in which it is celebrated. As a Sacrament of the Church, it is not a private christening; it belongs to the larger parish and the Catholic community throughout the world.

  • When you present your child for Baptism, you are asking the church to receive your child as a member of the Body of Christ here on earth. You are also making a commitment to your child to help him/her to become an active part of this community of faith
  • A member of the NCDP Team will be happy to meet with you and your godparents to explain the ceremony and relevance of baptism in your child’s life
  • Baptism in the Catholic Church requires commitment from parents to ensure that the child being baptized will be raised in the Catholic faith
  • Godparents are expected to take an active role in the child’s faith as he/she grows. At least one godparent should be a practising Catholic over the age of 16 years
  • People who are not baptized Christians cannot be godparents for baptism since they themselves are not baptized. However, you may certainly invite non-Christian friends or relatives to attend the celebration and to have a special place in your child’s life, sharing with your child their own faith traditions
  • The child being baptized usually wears white. The white garment is a symbol of your child “Putting on the new life of Christ”
  • The Baptismal Candle is provided by the parents and is lit during the ceremony from the Easter Candle
  • The inclusion of brothers and sisters is very important as this encourages the sharing of faith and celebration with their new brother/sister
  • A baptismal certificate will be issued by the secretary and will be available to you in the parish in which your child has been baptised
  • Photographs may be taken before and after the service, not during the service out of respect for the sanctity of this beautiful sacrament.